Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet total prepster, Owen Green

Owen Green is the ying to Chloe Pink's yang. When she says tomato, he says "toe motto." But they actually get along pretty well. Wearing khakis, penny loafers and his tortoise shell retro 60's eyewear, Owen is stylish and preppy. He's also extremely organized and has a highly developed system for packing his messenger bag for school each day. Constantly worrying about global warming, the fact that his last name is "Green" is merely coincidental. Owen is theatrical and pretends he lives on Martha's Vineyard. He even plans to go to an Ivy League college like Harvard or Yale on a croquet, tennis or running scholarship. He'll probably be an architect or a fashion designer when he grows up. He's also an expert on pop culture. He can tell you every show on Broadway and what book titles are on the "New Day Times" bestseller list. In fact, he reads the "New Day Times" every morning. His favorite TV shows are Project Runway, Glee, Morning Joe, Top Chef and Meet the Press. He refers to things he likes as "vintage." For instance, he'll say things like "this organic peanut butter is so vintage!" Owen can be a bit temperamental and moody sometimes. He's been known to throw little fits like the time he found a fruit roll-up with high fructose corn syrup in his lunch bag in the school cafeteria. (It was packed by his mother, Brooke.) He even lashes out at "The Brookster," as he refers to her fondly and sometimes not. Most recently, it was when he found one of his 53 assorted colors of "Rocket" brand pique knit polo shirts folded incorrectly. Still, all the girls love Owen. He's their go-to guy to find out what shoes to wear with a new party dress, the best place to go for ice cream and how to design cool paper airplanes.

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