Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chloe Pink Board Meeting

This morning, we had a Chloe Pink™ board meeting with some highly respectable board members from the community at large, medium, small and XS. It was fun and productive and nobody got "bored" at our board meeting. Based on its success, here are ten rules for board meetings aka "non-bored meetings" thanks to Chloe Pink™. If you have any to add, please submit them to to the comment section below and we'll review them at our next board meeting.

Rule #1: The secret to not getting bored at board meetings is to brainstorm and tell lotsa jokes and silly stories like when you drive off leaving your coffee cup on top of your car like I did this morning. Discussing HR issues, outsourcing and stock prices is a buzz kill.

Rule #2: Dogs are allowed, especially sweet little peek-a-poo puppies like Willie. Let's all welcome Willie to the board. He had to take a bathroom break over on the grassy curb. Perfectly acceptable "Will.I.Poo."

Rule #3: The board shall assemble in an outdoor conference room consisting of cafe tables with cute umbrellas and a dainty summer breeze that cools ya down without blowing away your clever little napkin doodles. As weather permits, of course.

Rule #4: All board meetings shall be fully catered with coffee drinks of choice, plus assorted milk flavors; ie: chocolate, vanilla, soy.... Not to forget a plethora o' scones, cookies, muffins and other floury accoutrements.

Rule #5: You can never have TOO many or TOO few good ideas at a board meeting. For instance, if I counted correctly Kelly had a whoppin' 187. While Abby had 753. Holy moly! Willie had several as well. I could tell by his raised eyebrow, although he kept them to himself mainly. I had three and one half baked ideas, myself. Not too shabby.

Rule #6: The person with the most ideas shall be named honorary Chairwoman Girl of the Board and shall for some reason or another don a pair of round tortoise shell spectacles for a photo op.

Rule #7: Puhleez. Do not even think of attending a board meeting without a magic marker or sharpie or something to doodle & dream with on some Starbucks napkins when one of the other board members is yuckin' it up.

Rule #8: Dress comfortably, preferably in pink or wearing flip flops, a plain white tee, jeans, whatever makes YOU happy and therefore creative. Because CREATIVITY AND HAPPINESS go together like a baby squirrel and a bowl of chilled acorn dandelion soup.

Rule #9: The board meeting shall end when the first person yawns or the last chocolate chip cookie crumb has been digested or sip a' joe has been slurped...or whatever comes first.

Rule #10: If you missed this board meeting, there will be others...Peeblet? John? Mom? Carol?

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th Of July

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