Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chloe Pink goes boot shopping

As you may know, I recently decided to snag me some of those fancy schmancy over-the-knee-boots. (Coming to that decision was a monumental task in itself.)

So, off I went on that tedious journey which I find to be a big waste of a great resource, time. With today's online shopping, sprawling malls and cute little boutiques everywhere, one could easily spend a month shopping for the perfect pair of boots or jeans or t-shirt for that matter. But who has that kind of time? Oh that's right. "Stars" on TMZ , etal. OK. I'm not them. So off I went to DSW, a gigantic warehouse of shoes. The place has hallways and hallways--I'm not kidding-- of well and non-heeled options. It's a matter of dizzily walking down every aisle and being able to move your head back and forth, back and forth so as not to miss "the one." And then being able to pretend you're Anna Wintour of Vogue as you edit out the "no's" to reduce the amount of time trying on the possible "yeses." When all was said and done in this herky jerky neck muscle defying exercise, I actually found exactly what I wanted and I got a great deal--to boot! Sorry. What an unfortunate pun.

But there was a price to pay indeed for finding dem d'ere boots. It simply took me more time than I had hoped. I liken it to searching for a needle in a haystack or proofing a story and editing out all the bad grammar and words you don't need. (Sort of like I didn't do with this one.)

But let me not digress. I want to know how you feel about shopping? What key strategies and methodology do you execute to purchase clothes and other worldly material possessions? And in the end...and here's the kicker. (Another bad pun..) Is it really worth it?

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  1. I have several issues with shopping. I'm a little bipolar when I shop.

    I will grab PILES upon PILES of things to try on, but once in the dressing room everything I try on is just not worth the price (even though the only time I shop is during sales and the stuff I take into the dressing room has already been selected because of its low price).

    So, after I try on half the store, I walk out of the dressing room with not one item I deem worthy of purchasing.

    (Depending on how much time I have, I'll go on another sweep of the store... piling too many items on my arm... only to try them on and discard every single one...)

  2. Danine. DSW amazes and scares me. Criss. I shop a lot like you do only I'm not as disciplined as you to only take the sales stuff into the dressing room. Yesterday, I went looking for tights? top? to go with this vintagy ballet tunicy thingy. Came home with 13.99 Old Navy clearance yoga pants that say "New York" on the leg...Go figure.

  3. I take into the dressing room has already been selected because of its low price).

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