Saturday, January 23, 2010

Enter the Chloe Pink™ "I Love Me" Poster Contest:

For ages 4 and up. (That includes you, mom and grammy!) Boys welcome too.

Supplies needed: Paper, magic marker(s) and ONE reason YOU are the best!

How to enter: Make a poster and email it to by 2/14/10. Three posters per person only.* Then, watch Chloe Pink's Facebook page. She just might tape your amazing poster up on it!

Awards and Prizes: Best poster gets a $20 gift card for art supplies. Why? To make more posters, of course! (Or whatever your creative heart desires!) With a $10 and $5 card for the 2nd and 3rd place winners. Not to mention, cachet. (That's a fancy French word that means "prestige." And that's a fancy word for "your brilliant work will be hung in Chloe Pink's Art Gallery--AKA: Facebook page!" An incredible award in itself. Not to mention, the great opportunity to make a poster about why you love yourself! How fun is that?!

Happy Valentines Day from Chloe Pink
and remember to always, always love yourself!

*By submitting your work to Chloe PinkTM you agree to and allow it to be published and credited to you as your work on any and all Chloe Pink related materials including but not limited to Chloe Pink Facebook Fan Page, Twitter home page and

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Bath TV

Last month, my friend, Rochel asked me to do a Chloe Pink cartoon for her company. I immediately knew I would because her company makes and sells bath salts. I've used them and they're really really good. No kidding. And she ships.

But I also knew that this was creative gold. Not in an award winning way...I need to get published/syndicated first. But in a "that's something I want to draw and write about kind of way." It was a place to put Chloe (in the tub) where she could promote Joyful Bath Co. as if she was a tv pitchwomangirl. Sort of a silly dichotomy, I thought, as the bath tub is typically a place to go for peace and privacy. Coincidentally, at this time, the Salahi's were crashing the White House and balloon boy's dad -- I refuse to capitalize that-- was getting busted. And apparently, somehow, their desire for fake fame weasled its way into my creative realm. (Thank you Michaela and your red dress forever ingrained in my brain like a head splinter. Anyways, this cartoon and the three before it are what I came up with. Hope you enjoy. And wouldn't mind getting your thoughts (CP reader, not Michaela) on where you go to escape this socially wired new world of ours. Is it a bath tub? Or a mountain top? Or maybe, it's neither. And you're about to try out for American Idol even though you (proudly) can't sing?

Copyright © Sharna Fulton 2010. All Rights Reserved

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