Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chloe Pink Loves Tennis

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Abby! XO, Chloe Pink

Today we celebrate a special day when my friend Abby, came into the world. March 12. Y.S. (Yippy Skippy.)

I met Abby at least two years ago when she was in Sharn's art class in Snellville. She had tons of spunk, drew and painted lots of cool pictures of me, Hammie the Hamster and a monkey in a purple dress. That girl has more clever ideas than a robin has chirps!

Abby is part philosopher, part adventurer, part reporter and part world traveler. I hear she's been to Oklahoma City and Savannah just to name a few places. One's in the west and one's in the east...and also the south! That's a lot of directions.

Abby has an older brother, Jackson, a mom and dad, a dog named Willy, some cousins, grandparents, and I think a fish and a hamster, perhaps. She is getting ready to dance in Sleeping Beauty this weekend, plus she has a birthday party coming up soon. Not to mention, school. She is very, very busy!

You see...Just like me, Chloe Pink, Abby is curious about everything, is kind to others and has the support of friends and family.

That's why Pete and I say, Happy Birthday, Abby. Follow your dreams, girl!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

When you wish upon a duck...

When I was about 7 years old, I wrote a letter to Walt Disney asking when Pinocchio was coming to the theater near me. About a month later, I received a package from the studio with prints of Pinocchio, 101 Dalmations and Cinderella if I remember correctly. And of course, I do. It was one of those truly magical childhood memories. A dream come true!

Well, low and behold, kiddos.. it happened to me again yesterday. Mr. Mailman brought me a giant package with some beautiful art by my "cartoon mentor" and artist extraordinaire, Tim Oliphant. Of course, I shouldn't say I was totally surprised. I'd told Tim I really liked that duck and he said he would send it to me.

Tim's art is so good that...Well, I don't have to tell you how good it is. Just look at it! It not only takes years of dedication to the craft of illustration, but a whole heapin' heartful of humanity to draw a duck like this. Quack. Quack. I kid you not. Plus, look at that little guy with the sign in one hand and the balloon in the other. Have you ever seen a better envelope? I have not.

I'm framing this duck and hanging it next to our Picasso print in the dining room. I'm sure the geometric cubist lady won't mind one bit sharing her red wall with this beautiful creature.

Check out more of Tim's work here. You can also book his cartooning workshop through Young Audiences and he sells his pastel animal prints, too. They make great gifts for children aged 3-103.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Book recommendation from Chloe Pink

For any woman or any person for that matter who's ever struggled with life's injustices, I'd like to recommend Grace and Grit, the Lilly Ledbetter story written by Lanier Scott Isom.

Lilly Ledbetter is the ultimate heroine having persevered for 74 years. From picking cotton in grade school to dealing with harassment and unfair pay as one of very few female managers at Goodyear for 19 years, Lilly endured many hardships her whole life. But the lesson is she never, never, never gave up!

Thanks to Lilly, there is now the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. And now, there is Lilly's story in hardback and Kindle. Not only is it a page turner, but you'll be learning about a modern day American heroine and be inspired all the same. I highly recommend it. It just might change your life.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy International Women's (and Girls) Day from Chloe Pink and friends

No matter where you come from -- Barcelona or Cincinnati, New York City or Macon, Georgia. And no matter where you're going -- to dance class or the pottery studio, to do your math homework or to play soccer. Don't forget to follow YOUR dream, girl. Only you know what that special dream of yours is. And only you can follow it. So stay true to yourself and be the best YOU that you can be. XO, Chloe Pink and friends shown left to right, Maria, Abby Bee, JenBall, Pete, Chloe Pink, Owen Green (yes, boys can support girls dreams!) and Brooklyn.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A question from Chloe Pink to Lilly Ledbetter

"What advice would you give a seven year old girl on how to toughen up, take care of herself (eventually) in a man's world and prepare for life's unfair curve balls sure to come? How can she still enjoy being a girl and all things girlish, but grow to stand on her own two feet proudly and without excuses or apologies?

That's what Chloe Pink and I wanted to ask Lilly Ledbetter, a real and living American heroine, at her book signing and talk last night at Agnes Scott College.

But when it was my Q&A turn at the mike, time had run out. So, my husband Rob thoughtfully bought me Lilly's book and I opened it the minute we got home in search of the answer.

As her biography, Grace And Grit goes, Lilly, the namesake of The Lilly Ledbetter Act, got her "big break" when she was hired on as one of a few female managers for Goodyear Tire Company in Gadsden, Alabama in 1979. Almost two decades later and nearing retirement, Lilly received an anonymous note. The note had four different salaries written on it -- Lilly's and those of three other men who did the same job as Lilly. Guess who's salary was lowest by far?

Shocked and devastated, having prided herself on giving her all to Goodyear for 19 years, Lilly decided to give them a fight. (Something that good girls don't do, right?) Her case went as high as the Supreme Court and then, to Congress when, in 2008, The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was passed. For more details, click here.

Lilly discussed these facts last night, but I still wondered how she'd become so tenacious and courageous? Did that develop only from her Goodyear days? Or were there other events leading up to her tire company career that directed the heroic trajectory of Lilly's life?

Although Lilly's book is a real page turner, it didn't take longer than Chapter One to find out how early Lilly's life's lessons began. Living in a house with no running water, Lilly started picking cotton before the first grade. In other words, Lilly started paying her dues long before she began working for Goodyear.

Now that I know this, I'd still like to ask Lilly that question.

Even if, unlike Lilly, a young girl grew up in a middle class family and suffered no major hardships out of the ordinary except the normal peer pressure girls face and the occasional teen heartbreak. Even if say, she had a tight knit family and a few good friends...Even if she had a closet full of clothes (unlike Lilly) and plenty of food and her own warm bedroom to sleep in at night (also unlike Lilly)....How can that girl, how can ANY girl learn to be brave and strong and independent like Lilly Ledbetter was and is today. I wish I knew the answer.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Chloe Pink Wallpaper

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Tickled Pink Friday. 11 things I loke.

It's the Chloe Pink way to follow your dreams and enjoy the simple things in life. Here are a few things that make my heart flutter (in a good way.) What are yours? Sharna

1. Hello. It's me. I'm a pink cell phone cover by Natural Life. 2. Pink hydrangea discovered at the farmer's market this morning for 11.99.
3. Hattie Big Sky (on my Kindle) by Kirby Larson, who I had the opportunity to meet at the SCBWI convention last weekend in Atlanta. 4. A thank you note from Jackson. (Even boys can have good etiquette and express their appreciation. Isn't that right girls?) 5. P&J. They are good people. 6. Fresh basil to chop up and sprinkle on pasta tonight. 7. Tomatoes on the vine. If they were only a shade lighter, they'd be my favorite color. But I happen to LOVE the color red, too. Also for tonight's pasta and also from the farmer's market. 8. My new flip flops from Ron Jon's Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach. Dude. 9. Brownie mix and chocolate frosting. With words like "decadent" and "creamy" on the labels, who could resist? Not I. 10. A Kiss such as this one that tastes like chocolate and comes wrapped in pink foil. (Leftover from V-Day.)
11. Method grapefruit spray. It's pink, smells pretty and makes almost any kitchen job a snap. Are you listening Mary Poppins?

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