Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Abby! XO, Chloe Pink

Today we celebrate a special day when my friend Abby, came into the world. March 12. Y.S. (Yippy Skippy.)

I met Abby at least two years ago when she was in Sharn's art class in Snellville. She had tons of spunk, drew and painted lots of cool pictures of me, Hammie the Hamster and a monkey in a purple dress. That girl has more clever ideas than a robin has chirps!

Abby is part philosopher, part adventurer, part reporter and part world traveler. I hear she's been to Oklahoma City and Savannah just to name a few places. One's in the west and one's in the east...and also the south! That's a lot of directions.

Abby has an older brother, Jackson, a mom and dad, a dog named Willy, some cousins, grandparents, and I think a fish and a hamster, perhaps. She is getting ready to dance in Sleeping Beauty this weekend, plus she has a birthday party coming up soon. Not to mention, school. She is very, very busy!

You see...Just like me, Chloe Pink, Abby is curious about everything, is kind to others and has the support of friends and family.

That's why Pete and I say, Happy Birthday, Abby. Follow your dreams, girl!

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