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Chloe Pink interviews Lysi of Too Scoop Kids and Dream Follower Extraordinaire.

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Alysia "Lysi" Muhammad, owner Two Scoop Kids

CP: You're a true Chloe Pink girl – following your dreams with Too Scoop Kids. What’s your secret? Stay positive and work towards a goal everyday. 

CP: When was the first time you followed a dream? Honestly, I can't remember the 1st time but I've always been somewhat of a "dream chaser." From a young age, my mom always told me that as long as I wasn't afraid of hard work, I could do or be anything and I found that to be true.

CP: Why do you think it’s important for people to do what they love? When you do what you love, it doesn't feel like work. Doing what you love is freedom and happiness, and we all want to be free and happy.

CP: You are, yourself, a very encouraging person to others to follow their dreams. How did you become that way? My best friend and business partner, Jenny always says, "There is enough success for everybody." And I agree. For me, there's no better feeling than seeing my hard work pay off and a dream come alive. If I can help anyone feel that way, well, why wouldn't I? 

CP: What inspires you? The kids inspire me! They are fearless, fun, mischievous, sweet, carefree, perfect little beings. They make life enjoyable and hearts happy.

CP: What’s your favorite time of day? I do my best work late at night. (Well, more like early in the morning when most people are asleep.)That's when I feel unstoppable. 

CP: Favorite drink? Sweet Tea...Really SWEET Tea! 

CP: Favorite food? Pizza, I LOOOOOVE Pizza!

CP: Biggest pet peeve? Oh my! there are too many to name. I am a crazed perfectionist so anything less than perfect drives me insane. 

CP: Favorite show? I can't get enough of TLC's "Long Island Medium."  I don't know if it's entirely real but, I love it

CP: Biggest dream for the future? It's our goal to create more than just a blog. We want to build a community, an on-line family. Whenever someone is in need of fashion inspiration, fun projects/activities, support and/or advice, I want them to think of Too Scoops Kids. 

CP: You are a social media buff and a design snob by your own admission. Tell me a little bit more about that  and how it helps you grow your blog. Well, what I meant by that is...I like things to look pretty! I am a super girly girl so I'm drawn to all things beautiful. I like blogs and pages that are neat and pretty and I want to bring the same aesthetics to our readers.  I'm far from where I want to be but always trying to improve my photo shop and photography skills to bring eye catching content to our TSK family.  

CP: What do you enjoy most about running your own business? The freedom to live, learn, and grow. To know that every win or fail is to our benefit makes it worthwhile. 

CP: Who supports you as you follow your dreams and how does it help you and your business? I couldn't do anything without my business partner, Jenny and our Marketing Coordinator, Kharena. I have the vision and they make it come to life! I'm nothing without them.

CP: It takes guts and courage to believe in yourself. But every day isn’t always perfect. How do you recharge and get over life’s little bumps to keep on following your dream?
JENNY! Jenny talks me off the ledge at least once a week. When things don't go as planned I get really frustrated. Luckily, I have an awesome friend and partner that helps me to see that every setback is a lesson learned. 
CP: I like that answer a lot! We all need the courage AND support to follow our dreams. Thankfully, I have Pete! Thanks for your time, Lysi. Have a wonderful day following YOUR dreams. XO, Chloe Pink

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