Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Girls can be whoever they want to be!

Okay. So it was a Halloween/book signing/Chloe Pink event with Troop #3080!  But even though these girls were dressed as someone else in their costumes, they each were totally unique one-of-a-kind girls of their own! Song writers. Animal lovers. Artists....What I love about these "CP meet-ups" is the chance to hear from girls what's in their hearts, what they love about life at the age of eight, what hopes they have for their futures...and how they plan to follow those dreams. It's also fantastic to see a group of young ladies supporting each other like Pete supports Chloe Pink. It's true. They really do!

And speaking of Pete, I have to thank Rebecca Pinckard. Not only did she invite me and Chloe Pink to take part -- she also recently began fostering a real Pete! Yes, there was a gray Schnauzer who bore an amazing resemblance to Chloe Pink's Pete. He was working that room of scouts and their parents with nothing but kisses, hugs and support. If that's not a sign that girls should follow their dreams, what is?

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