Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Chloe Pink "What's Your Dream Contest." And the winners are.....

Hello everyone. I'm thrilled to be here with you to announce the winners of my "What's Your Dream Contest" at the Decatur Book Festival. We had over 100 entries and it was tough to narrow it down what with so many excellent doodlers and dreamers out there. Nonetheless, Pete and me and our own in-house creative bee judge, Bailey Buzzlebee (daughter of Beatrice and mother of Bennett) put our heads together and chose the ones that spoke to us from the heart and brain, not to mention showed a bit of creative talent and artistic ability.

I wish we could award every child aged 3-13 -- many who stood in line with their parents just to enter CP's booth and take a seat at my coloring table. It was so much fun to see everyone choosing their favorite magic markers, crayons and colored pencils from my sweet little recycled french honey and jam jars. Yes. You fine young artists went to work and then handed in your finished pieces to hang on lines of pink grosgrain ribbon with laundry pins. A few of you were even so proud of your accomplishment, you took your work home with you. Why not I say?!!!

Out of the 100+ entrants, three of you dream of flying, seven want to be an artist, four hope to model and sing, six want to save animals, have a pet or become a vet and two imagine themselves being a chef. One girl wants to be famous and another plans to be a rock star. Some dreams were highly specific and unusual such as wanting to "meet Anne Frank" or "be the best soccer player in Norway." Speaking of athletes, Kiari Robey wants to be a triathlete. And 2nd place winner, Khadir Curry, a 10 year old self described football player was a little reluctant to enter the contest at first. But then, he he came up with was a well-drawn picture of himself as a football player which he already is! Some entries were career minded such as "become a lawyer, marine biologist, math or ballet teacher." Several were adventurous like travel the world, go to a volcano, pilot a hot air balloon and star gaze. A few kids want to become something other than a person such as a cat, the rain or a sunny day. Then, there was McKenzie Turcott, who simply wants to grow her own garden. There were even inventors like George Hersman who wants to develop the first jet car. And little Sean John's like Montarius Mauren who want to be a skateboard, running clothes and shoe designer.

So without further ado, here are the winners of the contest. Thanks everyone for entering the contest and stopping by to say hi last weekend. And here's to always, always, always following your dreams!

Grand Prize: $10 gift certificate for art supplies, a Chloe Pink Doodle & Dream Coloring Book and an awards certificate. Girl: Isis Harrison (First Woman President) 9. Boy: George Hersman, (Inventor of First Jet Car) 10
First place: Each one of you to receive a copy of The Chloe Pink Doodle & Dream Coloring Book and an awards certificate. Winners: Erin Rosemond (Chef) 8, Lori Olivia Smith (Marine Biologist) 8, Abby White (Vet) 9. Second place: Each to receive a $5 gift card for art supplies and an awards certificate. Winners: Kate Drueke (Balloon) 6, Mckenzie Turcott (Garden) 9, Khadir Curry (Football) 10, Macie (World) 10. Third place (honorable mention): Each to receive a Chloe Pink awards certificate: Chevelle Lane (Math Teacher) 8, India Sayers (Save Baby Animals) 11, Montarius Mauren (Skateboard designer) 12

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