Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Announcing "Doodle & Dream Tour Stop #10" (Pssst...This venue is a dream come true for Chloe Pink.)

Back in the summer of 2006, when I began creating and developing my dream, Chloe Pink,™ I often took my sketchbook over to the Starbucks in Snellville, GA

So, the other day, when I was meeting Kelly Liddell, Chloe Pink's National Director of Sales & Development there, I wanted to give Starbuck's employees, Sofia and Jerri a "Doodle & Dream" book.

Sofia has known my coffee drink for years and is a beautiful Greek woman with a wonderful soul. You should get to know her.

Jerri, the manager is one of the hardest workers you'll ever see. She always has a mop in her hand, is filling creamers or greeting a customer. She's an inspiration to me to always give it your all.

So, imagine my thrill when Jerri invited me to do a book signing at one of my most favorite places in the whole wide world. I say "one of" for two reasons. #1 My home is my favorite place. #2 Starbucks has hundreds more locations -- I've been to MANY of them by the way. (Actually, the Loganville Starbucks, closest to home is my "home away from home. Seriously."

Anyways, I can't think of a more magical place for children of all ages to be on the Saturday morning after Thanksgiving. With its massive sunfilled windows and its tasty Gingerbread Lattes and Peppermint Mochas and yummy hot chocolates and Cranberry Bliss Bars and blueberry scones and cinnamon...Did I mention, it's all now holiday bedazzled with tons of chic and funky decorations and gift items..Why, even the cups are red. And if that's not enough, just know we'll also be holding crayons in one hand and candy canes in the other. We'll be coloring our hearts out and dreaming BIG!!

So, if you'd like to get your"Doodle & Dream" book signed or pick one up for a stocking stuffer (Hint. Hint. Santa! It goes great with a box of Binney & Smiths!) -- I'll have my giant pink Sharpie on me that day. I hope to see you there...dreaming big with me and Chloe Pink in the place where she was practically born and continues to be inspired each and every day. (See. Dreams really do come true.)

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