Thursday, October 24, 2013

Changes coming to Chloe Pink. The fictional character...the licensing property...the brand!

In the coming weeks, I'll be making changes to Chloe Pink that I believe will only make her better. In fact, I've already started. I'll be putting my energies toward making her a global licensing brand. Sound like a lofty goal? Like I'm attempting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? I am. But that's okay. Chloe Pink is a strong, determined girl. And she's got the pink rain boots for it to get her past any obstacle.Not to mention, the unwavering support of her bestie, Pete, the terrier.

So why am I telling you? I need you to hold me accountable for my plans, goals and dreams. I need your support. Like Chloe Pink needs Pete by her side to help her follow her dreams. It's just like that.

I've been thinking about this project all my life -- since 2nd grade. And I've been drawing her the past seven years. There have been hits and misses. More misses, actually. But the misses have been good for they have shown me what to cross off my list for Chloe Pink and where she is telling me to go next. Like a mini Chloe Pink dream map where forks in the road direct her to the next place, the next adventure.

Along the way, one thing's always been the same. Chloe Pink and her bestie, Pete have been with me every single day to help me share something near to my heart.

I want girls to know that they can be loved and appreciated by their individuality and enthusiasm for life -- not by trying to fit in, appease others and be like all the other girls. Puhleez. And listen, I'm not against fashion or tutus..or stylish hair..or ballet or girly stuff. I love all that, myself. But really, it's time (2013) that "we" stop defining girls by their "girliness." Hooray for Sheryl Sandberg, the author of Lean In, who in her own words tells girls to follow their dreams just like Chloe Pink does.

I also want adults to know that seven year old girls are smart, perceptive and highly creative problem solvers. You don't have to talk down to them...or "cute" things up for them. I've worked with lots of seven year old girls and boys at my doodle and cartoon workshops, in schools, etc. They are very real and very down-to-earth and they get what Chloe Pink is trying to tell them. It's simply grand to be YOU.

So with that said, here's what's happening.
  • The retail website for Chloe Pink will shut down at the end of the month. All Chloe Pink books will still be available on and on (Look on the right side of the page to order them through Pay Pal. You can also request they be personalized and signed by the author. I'll tell her.
  • A new website geared towards manufacturers is on the horizon for early 2014. This portal will enable children's apparel, textile, toy, publishing and tabletop manufacturers as well as pet industry, etc. buyers to view the "brand" of Chloe Pink and envision how it will help them move more tees, lunch pails, art sets, softies and whatever off their shelves. Do I want Chloe Pink plastered on every cool kids and pet product? Absolutely. But I want it to be done well - on classic, wholesome, high quality, trendsetting products that promote old fashioned values.
  • Yesterday, I stopped following about 500 Twitter accounts.Why? I was one of the first tweeters and did not have the focus I do today. I'm now looking to engage with, create and nurture relationships with licensing, manufacturing, publishing professionals. There are also great voices out there like Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta promoting equality for girls and you can bet your pink rain booties, I'll still be following you. I'll also use the page to tweet new Chloe Pink eCards that I've already started putting up on Facebook. Oh yeah...and I need to start using Instagram as well. I hear it's all the rage. (LOL. Just kidding.) I've had an account for a long time, now. Just need to use it.)
  • Of course, being a better writer and artist are my number one goal. I've been loving working on my iPad SketchBook Pro to create the eCards lately. Since technology is such an integral part of the new "art licensing" world, I need to educate myself on what to be using to further Chloe Pink and make her and her message of "follow your dreams" more accessible to her consumers and "friends."
If you have any ideas, suggestions, thoughts or leads for me, I would love to hear them. Thank you for reading and thanks for your continued support.
Sharna Fulton
Creator, Chloe Pink

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Chloe Pink is setting up her Crayon Bar! And you're invited to Doodle & Dream with her in Decatur (and Brookhaven.)

Join Sharn' and Chloe Pink at Salon Red Kids from 3-6 pm in Decatur October 17 and in Brookhaven October 24. Click here to read more courtesy of Two Scoop Kids!

Then, it's Cartooning in the Garden - Saturday, October 26, 10:30-11:30 am --
Bring your Cartoon Character to Life! (Mention BOGO in the comments to get 1 free pass for a buddy!) Click here to register. $7 Wylde Center Members,  $10 Non Members
Join local Decatur author/illustrator, Sharna Fulton of The Chloe Pink Doodle & Dream in the City Book for some artistic fun. Pencils, erasers, markers, etc. provided as Sharn’ helps you plant creative cartoon seeds and sprout your imagination on paper. Drawing basic shapes, you’ll learn how to create a look and personality for your cartoon character. Plus, you’ll take home your very own three panel comic strip.  Parents may drop off.  Perfect for ages 6+. Advanced registration required. 10 max.  Profits benefit The Wylde Center. 

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