Friday, March 2, 2012

Tickled Pink Friday. 11 things I loke.

It's the Chloe Pink way to follow your dreams and enjoy the simple things in life. Here are a few things that make my heart flutter (in a good way.) What are yours? Sharna

1. Hello. It's me. I'm a pink cell phone cover by Natural Life. 2. Pink hydrangea discovered at the farmer's market this morning for 11.99.
3. Hattie Big Sky (on my Kindle) by Kirby Larson, who I had the opportunity to meet at the SCBWI convention last weekend in Atlanta. 4. A thank you note from Jackson. (Even boys can have good etiquette and express their appreciation. Isn't that right girls?) 5. P&J. They are good people. 6. Fresh basil to chop up and sprinkle on pasta tonight. 7. Tomatoes on the vine. If they were only a shade lighter, they'd be my favorite color. But I happen to LOVE the color red, too. Also for tonight's pasta and also from the farmer's market. 8. My new flip flops from Ron Jon's Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach. Dude. 9. Brownie mix and chocolate frosting. With words like "decadent" and "creamy" on the labels, who could resist? Not I. 10. A Kiss such as this one that tastes like chocolate and comes wrapped in pink foil. (Leftover from V-Day.)
11. Method grapefruit spray. It's pink, smells pretty and makes almost any kitchen job a snap. Are you listening Mary Poppins?

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