Thursday, October 21, 2010

S'il vous plait. Join us at our next "Doodle and Dream Tour" stop this Saturday, October 23

Dear mon amie: As you may know, Chloe Pink™ adores everything French. The Eye-ful tower, baguettes, berets, her pink scarf, the sound of the language, Monet and Matisse, french onion soup, lavender and on and on and on....So it's no wonder she'll be hanging out at one of her favorite french cafes (la Madeleine) this Saturday sipping a cappuccino and nibbling on a mini lemon tart. Stop by to meet her creator, Sharna Fulton and get your signed copy of The Chloe Pink Doodle and Dream Coloring Book. We'll also have a fun art activity and a few other surprises. Just click on the la Madeleine logo for more details. Then, stop by! And we'll show you how to hold a croissant in one hand and a crayon in the other.

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