Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A CEO, football player, artist and more. Students at Hope School of Excellence have high hopes

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to do a Chloe Pink book signing event at Hope School of Excellence, a private school in Conyers, GA.
The event was arranged by Beth Ogle, a kinder-
garten teacher at Hope and sister of Russell Bingham, my barista friend at Loganville Starbucks.

When I launched The Chloe Pink Doodle & Dream Coloring Book at the Decatur Book Festival, Russell brought his sister, Beth to meet me. They each bought a few books and Beth (Ms. Ogle) invited me to come to her school with my book. How is that for support? Amazing!

The day was truly special as Ms. Ogle and her fellow K-5 teachers had sent home a note with their students to prepare them for the book day. Each student had also received a blank template of "What's My Dream?" to create a drawing on and bring that day.

As you can see by the work posted here (only a sampling), Hope's students are talented in their ability to express themselves with words and pictures. Even more exciting to me though was that every student I met at book day knew exactly what their dream was. Some even had two or three!

I wrote the Chloe Pink book to inspire and encourage girls and boys to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams. But with so many arms in the air after I asked who had a dream to share, I think it was me who was truly inspired!

Thank you, Ms. Ogle and fellow teachers at Hope School of Excellence for all you do to educate and encourage tomorrow's business leaders, athletes, artists, parents, teachers, designers, merchants, etc. And thank you for letting Chloe Pink and I be a part of it!

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