Saturday, October 9, 2010

Press Kit "To Do" List by Chloe Pink

Dear Sharn': I see you over there picking lint off your sweater and finishing off a bag of potato chips. We need to get the word out about my "Doodle and Dream Book Tour" asap to book stores, retailers, girls orgs, schools and afterschool programs asap. As you know, this tour is essential in order to promote self confidence and creativity to girls and boys. In just one month's time, The Chloe Pink Doodle and Dream Coloring Book has already been to the Decatur Book Festival, Borders Book Store in Snellville, Learning Express in Buckhead, Sparkles and Hope School of Excellence. But this is only the beginning, cartoonist woman/girl or whatever you call yourself. Oops. I see your sharpie leaked in your shirt pocket. That's permanent ink. Ouch. But as I was saying, more kids need to know how to doodle and dream. Yes. I said kids. That includes boys, too. Owen Green and I had a talk about it. And he's on board, too. So let's roll-up those shirt sleeves and get to work. Once you get these pieces ready for the press kit, we can put them into a PDF file and load them onto our new website that's coming soon. Remember. Baby steps. That's all it takes. If anyone can do it, you can. XOXOXO, Chloe Pink, the cartoon spokesperson for girls aged 3-103. P.S. I've cc'd Kelly, your art rep and Peeblet, your PR advisor on this, so you really have no choice but to follow through.
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