Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chloe Pink's cut and paste job with strawberry ice cream

Here's a "rough" I did this morning at the Loganville Starbucks--my favorite place to concept and doodle and drink coffee other than the Chloe Pink studio.

I plan to turn this pen and ink drawing into a gouache illustration. So, I did a color test on it when I got home.

After using at least a gillion magic markers...hard to believe they make that many colors...but they do -- it was time to scan. But the picture was incomplete without the Chloe Pink ruffled ribbon logoette.

Unfortunately, I did the drawing too close to the top of the page in my sketchbook, leaving no room for the mark.

So, I trimmed down the sketch. Next, looking for a way to salvage the piece, I drew and cut-out the mark, too. Then, I pasted the two elements down on a contrasting sheet of grocery store bag paper. You know, like the kind you bring home cartons of ice cream in....Hmmm. This is looking sorta like a collage, I thought to myself. What else could I add? What would Chloe Pink need with her besides Pete at the ice cream shop? A napkin of course! And what if Chloe Pink's strawberry ice cream dripped on it?

Bummer though. No ice cream -- not even chocolate in the freezer. Just as well. Pete's a dog and shouldn't be eating chocolate. So, I tried a smudge of strawberry jam instead. But that didn't work. Not opaque or pink enough either. I had to make strawberry ice cream the new fashioned mixing white and red gouache paint together to make pink.

Now it's time to put all my magic markers away and do the drawing on watercolor paper for tomorrow. There's a few elements I'll change, but basically I have the main composition down.

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