Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Have a pink lemonade day! XO, Chloe Pink

Hey girl! Did you know a great way to sip pink lemonade this summer is with a cool plastic cup and a stripey big straw...Those things, plus also a pink journal and your favorite pencil -- maybe one with a pink feather plume on the end of it..or just lots of sparkles on it. You could be at the pool, in your room or sitting under a tree. You could be with your friend, your dog, your brother Ralph or all by yourself! The important thing is this. You've got a) YOU! b) your secrets & stuff c) a place to express all of your cool thoughts d) a cool drink! What could be cooler than pink lemonade? I rest my case.

This blog post has been brought to you by: The Tell Your Secrets & Stuff To Chloe Pink Diary now available at Amazon.com Don't go to on your summer vacation without it! XO, Chloe Pink

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