Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kelly. Follow your dreams, girl! XO, Chloe Pink

I am tha-rilled to have had the chance to celebrate a special birthday eve eve with a special friend this past Monday. What a forgiving person, too. One who was not flustered or upset one bit when I dropped her coconut cake (thankfully right side up-but with candles lit nonetheless) on her kitchen floor. Here's a hint. Don't try to Instagram with your iPad in one hand while serving a flaming concoction in the other and sing Happy Birthday at the same time! Actually, her cute little pup Willy didn't mind at all as he licked the creamy coconut frosting off the floor before I could grab a broom. And her daughter, Abby called it a "birthday surprise." you can call my cartooning that--truly imitates life. Anyways, this is a tributishy little blog post to my friend and associate who's supported me and Chloe Pink tirelessly for the past few years. (I met her when she brought Abby and Jackson to my first after school art class ever.) Everybody loves Kelly (and Raymond.) And just like all of those other people, I too am thankful to have her in my life. I hope all her wishes come true. Even though she didn't get to wish on most of them as they became extinguished on their way to the floor.

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