Monday, March 21, 2011

Hats off to Nike caps.Today is PINK Day.

Just recently, my Kswiss Ultimate Tennis League sent me a 25.00 coupon towards anything at the PGA Superstore. How unbelievable is that? Like, I'm not Venus Williams or Roger Federer, you know.

So, after my tennis match last Sunday, I headed over to see what I could find.

The choices were many in this warehouse sized store. I found tennis shoes, tennis dresses, tennis raquets, tennis socks, tennis skirts, tennis jackets...If you can use it or wear it for tennis, it was there.

But then, I saw what I had come for...

The Nike pink cap of my dreams. The one I had been looking for for over a year now. Seriously.

And the cost? 20.00. So I bought a few energy bars..Okay, I admit one of the bars was a Kit Kat bar. And even with tax, I got out of there without spending one single penny.

It was like a dream come true. An actual Chloe Pink moment.

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