Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chloe Pink™ Every Other Daily: 3/2

Dear You:
How are you? I'm thinking fantastic!

My name is Chloe Pink
. I'm a cartoon spokesperson for girls. I say "Follow your dreams, girls!"

It's like I'm one of those big-time motivational speakers you see on TV...Only I don't work conference rooms at the Hyatt. So I don't need a podium, a microphone or even a glass of water to keep my throat from cracking.

Nope. All I need to do my job BETTER is to get a few more gigs like the ones I'm pointing out in the picture. Having more venues -- a fancy word for magazines, books, girls organizations websites, etc. -- is how I'll be able to reach my audience! (Girls) And how I'll be able to make a difference in their lives!

You see all I want to do is uplift and inspire girls to believe in themselves! (And sure, boys too. Why not?!)

So that's where you come in. I'm actually asking YOU for a favor. Would you mind calling your Aunt Phoebs' today...You know-the one who owns that publishing company on 5th Avenue in NYC. Or simply mention me to your BFF from high school who's now a VP of Girl Scouts next time you meet for coffee? You could also text your son, Henry who art directs for Parent Magazine and ask him to give me a buzz. Actually, please ask your peeps to contact my peep: HER name is Kelly Liddell. HER email is: HER title is National Director of Sales & Development. If you think HER job sounds important, it is!

And with your help, WE will soon be helping more and more and more and more girls believe in themselves and follow their dreams. Honestly, I simply can't imagine anything better than that? Can you?

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