Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chloe Pink™ Every Other Daily: 3/10/11

I dedicate today's EOD (Every Other Daily) to all of my teachers K-12, college and beyond. I've had so many teachers, coaches and mentors in my life outside of academia, at work, etc. Here are my actual school teachers who have influenced my life the most...and continue to do so. That's sort of the really amazing part, huh? (I am forever grateful to each and every one of them.) So, what about you? Who would put on your list? And why?

Stober Elementary
Mrs. Kehl, 2nd Grade
Mrs. Wylie, Art Teacher K-6
Mrs. Miller, Private Flute teacher

Smoky Hill High School
Perry Weisman, English/Writing
George Weathers, English Lit
Bev Farrell, Science
Jeanine Gamble, Geometry

University of Colorado, Boulder
Bruce Kawin, Film History
Elizabeth ?, English Lit/Women's Studies
Maggie Smith, Art/Painting

Post Grad:
George Pollack, Advertising concepting
Lindy Burnett, Illustration

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  1. So many teachers impacted my life. My mom was a teacher and my middle son is now one, too. I know my mom influenced many kids in a positive way (starting with me, of course and my brother) and my son is certainly already making an impact and will for many years to come. I recently wrote a blog about "The Educators That Made a Difference in Your Life," which you may be interested in reading here:

  2. Thanks Pamme. Here's to Miss Wilson, Mrs. Savage, your music teacher, Mr. Janelli, Mr. Giroux, Mr. McDermott and your Mom, the substitute teacher who instilled your love of words!


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