Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chloe Pink Flip-Flop Survey

What's the best thing about flip-flops?

a) the slapping sound they make when you walk
b) the variety of colors and styles they come in
c) they just scream "summer!"
d) "I love to show off my toes."
e) No shoelaces or buckling required
e) they are oh so tres chic
f) other: ____________________________


  1. I truly believe that the flip flop was the worst she ever invented!!! Why should I have to look at people's dirty, unkempt feet? Have you noticed how filthy people's feet get? And they don't seem to care one bit. Some people don't even walk completely on the flip flop. Their feet slide off to the side and they are walking on the ground. They really disgust me and should be worn only to a public shower.

  2. Sparkling: I guess your response falls into the "other" category. I, too used to share your view and possibly, Tina Fey's on flip flops. But you are right. They shouldn't be an excuse to show off your dirty feet! I highly recommend a pedicure first.


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