Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chloe Pink & Pete & Darla & Kim & Co. at the new Snellville Farmer's Market

To get to midtown Atlanta from Snellville, GA, drive 40 minutes west on Hwy 78 past Stone Mountain. Keep going until you hit Piedmont Park, Atlanta's oasis and the finish line for Peachtree Road Racers each year.) But head east for 40 minutes the other way and you'll be in quaint and charming Athens, GA, the home of the UGA Dawgs, R.E.M. and my good friend, Joan Curtis, the Total Communications Coach. That's because Snellville, GA is in between these two eclectic, artistic and foodie-ish places. In fact, there's even a town called "Between" not too far from Snellville.

But now, it looks as though I may not have to travel down Hwy 78 nearly as often in order to get a taste of culture and find inspiration for Chloe Pink!

For instance, just yesterday, I had the fortune to be invited to paint at the second Saturday of the brand new Snellville Farmers' Market. Darla Dixon, the queen of all things Snellville is not only a successful portrait artist locally and nationally, she's also a savvy marketer. Knowing city council members like Tom Witts who helped put the new market together, Darla had another idea. Why not have local artists paint at the market? They could have a silent auction during each Saturday event and the painting would go to the highest bidder. The proceeds would then go to a great charity, the local food bank. There are many reasons why being part of this event was special to me. I teach art to kids at Snellville Framing & Fine Art just a few blocks away from city hall where the event is. So it was really fun for me to hand the paintbrush off to young artists who stopped by yesterday. Check out the funky puffy clouds and caterpillar on Chloe's painting all done by the little Picassos. I couldn't help thinking that Eric who owns the shop where I teach "All Mixed Up Art Class for Kids" also paints and will want to be a part of this event soon, too.
The first thing I did after I set-up was walk around to discover mother nature's beauty and craftsmanship everywhere I turned. But it was Kim Gates of "Gates by the Creek" who totally inspired me. Her booth was just the kind of place Chloe Pink and Pete would want to be. With her French bistro red and white checked apron, Kim displayed her yummy fresh baked baguettes and home grown zucchinis even bigger than the bread! Her Provincial orange table cloth covering a shabby chic farm table is what first caught my eye. But upon closer observation, Kim's artistry was everywhere. Even her husband Martin is a folk artist and musician. He created the logo for their bakery/produce stand. I just nibbled on a piece of Kim's sourdough toast and let me tell you, I'll be giving her a buzz to put in my order soon at 770-658-9284. You can too.
Of course, thank you Patti Tyson for buying my painting and contributing to the Southeast Gwinnett Food Bank. With enthusiastic volunteers like Laura Drake who promoted the 501(c)3 food charity to shoppers at the market, how can you go wrong? She encouraged everyone to give canned foods to those less fortunate and to bid on our paintings. Together, Darla and my creations fetched $110.00. How 'bout 'dem apples, Joe Waters, my cause marketing mentor?
Speaking of mentors, Damon Ladd-Thomas stopped by with Emma, Madeline and D.J. en route to their canine literacy support group. Damon and his fab partner Taty who stayed home to watch World Cup are the giant ball of yarn that connects so many, many small business people in our community like Jamie Dempsey and Mike Morton of Mike's Ad Shop.) Together they created the Georgia Commerce Club with 760 members already in just a few months.
Next week, I'm looking forward to being a patron at Snellville's newest event. It's the height of food and culture between Athens and Atlanta. And I know that Pete and Chloe don't want to miss it for the world.


  1. Sharna, it sure was fun to have you there with me. I love how you were inspired by this lady's festival tent, but really love how you helped the food bank with the silent auction of your painting. I know it was hot as Hades out there & you were a real trooper. I'm honored to know such a talented artist and nice person!!!

  2. Darla: You are truly the queen of blogging in Snellville if not the world. I haven't even written my post yet. Geez. Can't a blogger run to Starbucks? So hold your horses dear new artist friend and check back in a few. Thanks for letting me be a part of your event yesterday, though I'm not quite as hardy as a hydrangea or magnolia in the hot Georgia sun.

  3. It's because I'm the queen of all things Snellville. Whenever Snellville appears on the web, I get alerted :)

  4. Well whatever it is you're doing. it's working!


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