Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Chloe Pink Doodle -N- Dream Coloring Book. More than 1,000 sold!

Sharn's been so busy drawing cartoons and stuff that she forgot to do something a lot of artists forget to do. Math! Tsk! Tsk! excuses, artists. (Are you listening, Sharn'?)

So, the other day she totaled up every one of her books sold on, at Borders (R.I.P.), at Girl Scout meetings, indie book stores, Starbucks, out of Pierre's trunk (that's Sharn's VW Bug) at workshops, schools....and guess what?

My, I mean...ahem. "The" Chloe Pink Doodle & Dream Coloring Book has now sold 1,000 copies!

That's a lot of girls and a lot of dreams being worked on...but we still have a lot more girls and their dreams to reach. Don't we Pete?

So, moms, dads, aunts, friendly neighbors, teachers, supporters of girls, grandparents...Please know that you can order "Doodle & Dream" right here on her blog (to the right)..and while you're at it, pre-order her next book, "The Tell Your Secrets & Stuff To Chloe Pink Diary." Get it for your favorite girl to work on during the summer. She can even take it to the pool for all I care..Except make sure to read the disclaimer in Sharn's cartoon.

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