Friday, September 2, 2011

My Press Release To JC Penney

From the desk of:


Dear Buyers @ JC Penney, Target, Baby Gap, J. Crew, Saks, Bloomies, Macy’s, Justice, etc. and especially to moms and dads and girls who want to follow their dreams everywhere!!!

It’s CHLOE PINK™ CARTOON FOR GIRLS (Tee-shirts) to the rescue!!! Empowerment for GIRLS…the right message… the right time.

DECATUR, Georgia (September 2, 2011) According to Chloe Pink™, the cartoon spokesperson for girls, (that’s me) -- people should chillax about the JC Penney “Pretty girls” tee shirt. Click on this link to see it:

“Mistakes happen…even for big time fashion buyers at major department stores,” says me, Chloe Pink. “Forgive and forget! That’s my motto..or at least one of them,” she, I mean, “I” added.

Plus, you don’t really want to make that person feel bad, now - do - ya? Do YA? DO YA? (I feel a little hip hop tune coming on...don't you?)

Chloe Pink (me again) also said, “You know…there ARE other options for girls and, for their parents who want to encourage their daughters to grow confident in their intelligence, abilities, talents, caring heart and lifetime goals. Why don’t we talk about those?!!! Have you seen Pigtail Pals? A-dore-able! No wait. A + - dorable!

Plus, you can also check out my tees – 100% cotton. 100% wholesome fun! (Now, there's a word I don't hear enough! Wholesome! I like it. And I'm Chloe Pink™ by Sharna Fulton © copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Did you know that Sharna Fulton, my creator says she will work with you on a special line that fits your customers to a tee. (Get it? I put it in bold so you wouldn't miss it. That’s what they call a pun.) And honestly, where else are you going to find another little girl who happens to be a cartoon and a feminist too?!

Sharn' created me to help girls follow their dreams. By getting me "out there," on your beautiful shiny racks, in your stores and on your "MAN-equins" --- what's up with that word? -- You'll be helping many, many girls know it's okay to expect and want more for themselves in life than to "just be pretty" or "liked by boys." And hey, with the backing of big major conglomerate retail chain like yours, my tees will sell like blueberry hotcakes, which means job security for you. Now that is good to hear in this day and age. How do I know this? I read the newspaper.

And finally, I want to recommend to you MY favorite outfit to wear. It's a plain pink tee with my favorite pair of jeans. And for jewelry? (Just let your pearly whites be your fashion accessory!)

For more info, email or text Sharn’ @ or 404-663-8450

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