Friday, September 9, 2011

Chloe Pink on putting America back to work

A few things about today's cartoon:
1) It combines something typically "girly" (bubble baths) with a political (but non-controversial) OpEd message you don't usually see coming from a little girl.
2) It demonstrates that girls must and do know what's happening in the world and are able to come up with their own solutions...without having to give up the bubbles. Why should we?
3) It shows Chloe Pink is well on her way to becoming a business leader and key decision maker, perhaps even a CEO, when she grows up. (If that's what she wants to do.)
4) We see Pete, Chloe Pink's BFF in his usual supportive role. Yay and thanks Pete!
5) It's timely after the President's speech last night to put America back to work and I think it should run in the New York Times, HuffPost, the New Yorker and the Cooperville Gazette. Not to mention, Ms. Magazine and Highlights. but at least for right now, you can see it here on the Chloe Pink Blog.
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