Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chloe Pink™ Every Other Daily: 2/23

Ten things you may not know about Chloe Pink™:

1) Chloe Pink has been in Sharna Fulton's brain since she was seven or eight years old. She was first actually put to paper in 2006 at Myrtle Beach (several years later.)

2) Chloe Pink's best friend is Pete, a Scottish Terrier Mutt. He's always got her back. That's how you know he's her BFF.

3) Chloe Pink is the cartoon spokesperson for girls. She believes in herself and wants all other girls to believe in themselves, too.

4) Chloe Pink will share the stage with Owen Green in the next "Doodle 'n' Dream Coloring Book." Coming soon -- because boys should follow their dreams, too.

5 Chloe Pink has other friends, too: Brooklyn, JenBall, Maria Chocolata and Owen Green.

6) Chloe Pink has a National Director of Sales and Development. Sounds important, huh? Her name is Kelly Liddell and CP couldn't do it without her. No way! No how. Nuh UH!

7) Chloe Pink loves to hang out at the cafe with Pete. The name of the cafe is "Cow and Beanwater .

8) Chloe Pink is accepting of all people and animals, etc. She's anti-bully and pro good vibes!

9) Chloe Pink believes that creativity is the key that unlocks every girl's (and boy's) sense of self confidence. She and Sharn' talk at schools and Girl Scout meetings and book stores and cafes all over Atlanta to encourage and show kids how to tap into their own creativity. Contact to find out about having CP visit your group.

10) Chloe Pink has rainy days, too. But that doesn't stop her from following her dreams! And it should NEVER EVER EVER stop you!

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