Friday, February 11, 2011

Chloe Pink™ Every Other Daily: 2/11/11

Thank you to Abby Liddell for her help with today's cartoon. You see, it all started when her mom, Kelly and I started calling our tee shirt company, Big Frog, "Big Toe." It was just a silly thing. There was no deep meaning to it. It just happened and the tradition continues... Every time we have to order a tee shirt. We say, "Time to call Big Toe."

Well, it just so happens that earlier this week, seven year old Abby was reading her mom's emails and saw one from me that said, "Time to call Big Toe." A few minutes after I sent that email to Kelly, I got this one back in my email box. It said:

"Hi I just wanted to tell you I saw your Email and you said big TOE it is not big TOE it is big frog. love:abby."

Not to be outsmarted by Abby, which is often the case, I had to be quick on my feet--no pun intended. So I emailed her the following response:

"Dear Abby. Okay. Okay. I was wrong. You are right. So where is Big Toe? Maybe that's where Chloe Pink goes to get a pedicure?"

And at that point, I was halfway done with Friday's cartoon. I thought to myself, "Hmmm, what design would Abby put on her big toe? The answer was obvious.

A peace sign!

You see, the girl loves peace signs. She draws them constantly on her notebook, her sketches, in her autographs she gives me. I know. My fridge is covered with her artwork. She also has a bunch of tee-shirts and I'm sure stickers and lots of other fun stuff with peace signs, too.

So, thanks Abby for all your help and inspiration with today's cartoon. And also, thank you for believing in peace and spreading the word about the importance of it! You make Chloe Pink proud.

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