Tuesday, June 25, 2013

From the desk of Chloe Pink

For immediate release:

DECATUR, GA (June 25, 2013) -- Chloe Pink, a children's book character is partnering with her favorite place, the City of Decatur. She's coming back for the 2nd time to the Decatur Book Festival with "The Chloe Pink Doodle & Dream In The City Book."

The book will be available at the Decatur Visitor's Center, on Amazon and at www.chloepink.com. The author will also donate $1 from each book sale to Indie-Catur to help promote Decatur's independent merchants and business community . "Doodle & Dream In The City" is Chloe Pink's 3rd book. The first "Doodle & Dream" was launched at the 2010 Decatur Book Festival.

"While I've always loved Decatur, I didn't live here then," says author/illustrator, Sharna Fulton. A metro Atlanta resident since the early 90's, Fulton and her husband moved to Decatur from Loganville a few years ago. "It truly feels like home," says Fulton.

In fact, it was a few months ago, the artist was on her daily walk back to her home studio in Decatur from her favorite coffeehouse on the square when her next project idea came to her.

Why not do another "Doodle & Dream," but set it in a city. And why not set it in her favorite city of all, Decatur! So, she stopped into the Decatur Tourism Office and pitched the idea to Decatur's Visitor Center's Manager, Sherry Charles Jackman. "Thankfully, The City of Decatur gave it the green light!" said Fulton.

Chloe Pink is an independent, adventurous seven year old girl with a BFF friend, Jack - the Scottish Terrier Mutt. Their message to girls and boys is to believe in yourself, be curious about everything, get support and most importantly, follow your dreams!

"Doodle & Dream In the City" will include pages of City of Decatur stuff with prompts for kids to fill in and complete the picture. Whether it's drawing their favorite toppings on a slice of pizza, doodling a folk art painting or trying to find the hidden veggies in a garden word search puzzle, Decaturites are sure to recognize many of the shops and places from their favorite city.

"I can think of no better place to follow your dreams, like Chloe Pink, then in Decatur," said Fulton. From it's incredible walkability, historic square filled with shops and yummy restaurants to it's beautiful tree-lined streets, charming neighborhoods, its commitment to the arts, wonderful school system, a working railroad that goes through town and of course, Oakhurst Garden (the Wylde Center) -- Decatur has it all. It's a magical place to explore and be happy. And that's what life is all about."

In addition to the book launch at the Decatur Book Festival, there will be a pre-launch book signing at Oakhurst Garden Wednesday, August 28 from 4-6 pm.

For more information, please contact sharna.fulton@att.net

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