Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathoners Follow Their Dreams

There's nothing like the heart of a marathoner. Not just that they typically have a slower resting heart rate. Marathoners are people who follow their dreams. Day by day, they train and put in the necessary mileage before dawn or at dusk - to work up to being able to run 26.2 miles. And then, 12-18 weeks later, the big day arrives.

But what if the race is in Boston? It's truly all the more magical for the runners and their friends and family - most of whom are "elites" and must qualify to run the prestigious event. Add to that - the Boston Marathon is the oldest marathon - a tradition like no other, founded in 1897 by the Boston Athletic Association - where everybody in the city comes together for one special day. And not in just any city, but THE happy-go-lucky place where Red Sox fans dump into the streets to watch the finishers after the game. It's Patriot's Day. A national holiday in Boston. What could be better than that?

I know what it's like because I've been there. My husband is a 6 time runner of the Boston Marathon. Yesterday, I saw tears in his eyes, understandably, as his beloved ground, Boylston Street had been tainted. Thank you to our friends and families for texting and calling to ask "Did Rob run the race?" Fortunately, no. But I can only imagine if he had. I've waited for him at the finish line next to the 20,000 bananas. You've never seen so many bananas. Also, in my past career, my company SportsPottery.com was an official licensee and vendor at the Boston Marathon's John Hancock Health & Fitness Expo.

I've run a marathon myself (in Chicago) and know what it's like to feel a sisterhood in striving towards a huge goal and then attaining it by training and running it with a friend. Perhaps in my life, there's been nothing more empowering to my self confidence than crossing that finish line. So, in closing, no matter what obstacles....No matter what bad stuff exists in the world... Please remember one thing. Follow YOUR dreams. Do it today. Do it for the spirit of the runners of the Boston Marathon who were following their dreams and for those affected so tragically yesterday. Do it for you. Because your life is a gift. Sincerely, Sharna Fulton, Chloe Pink

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