Friday, February 10, 2012

Chloe Pink's Secret of the Day

Want to know a secret? Chloe Pink has lots of them to tell. Today her secret is about drawing. Yes. It's a secret about how to draw better. And how practice makes perfect or at least perfect-er. Just kidding. that's not a real word. I know that!

So #1. First take a piece of blank white paper. Draw a picture on it. If it's perfect, great. You're done.

If not, then get another piece of paper (step #2.) Hold your original drawing up to the window and put the clean sheet on top of it. Trace over it changing the picture as you want.

Repeat step #2 as much as you want until your picture is just the way you like. Then, color it in with crayons, magic markers, watercolors..whatever feels right.

This has been a Chloe Pink Secret of the Day sponsored by Vera's Pepperminty Chunkberry Xtreme Freeze Ice Cream.

Copyright © Sharna Fulton 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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