Friday, October 21, 2011

Ten and a half hours

Last night, I watched the first half of Miss Representation, a documentary about the portrayal of females in the media. One of the first statistics that floored me was that girls consume about 10.5 hours a day of media -- much of which contains harmful images to their self confidence. Between movies, magazines, computers, TV and so on, girls are constantly bombarded with images of physical perfection for them to reach. Looks and acceptance by boys as well as within their own peer group of girls is more important than brains, talent, individuality and heart.
I've been working on Chloe Pink since 2006 and when I saw this movie, it helped me comprehend what the last 5 years of my cartoon project has been all about. The movie brings to the surface the many challenges I've faced as a girl and woman throughout my life from 1st grade to this particular moment as I write this blog post. My goal with Chloe Pink is to encourage girls to follow their dreams, which is to "follow their own heart." It takes a "C" like the one on Chloe Pink's cap which stands for courage to believe in oneself and follow one's own course rather than to constantly try to fit in with the media's image of who we are supposed to be. Thanks to Jennifer Siebel Newsom who wrote, produced and directed the movie and will be helping who knows how many understand just what we are up against...with these media images in front of our face everyday. Which is why Chloe Pink says "Follow your dreams, girl!"

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