Monday, April 18, 2011

It's PINK Day. So what's in the bag?

Kelly, Chloe Pink's Marketing Director came to call today at my new space in Decatur. Just having her smiling face and upbeat 'tude all the way here from Grayson, GA was a super sweet treat for me. The trinkets she brought me in the hot pink bag were gravy. One being a very special card made by her daughter, Abby. It was a thank you for the pom poms and pipe cleaners and buttons and felt squares I willed her in my recent downsizing mode. No room for pom poms in the new smaller urban home. Pom poms are where I draw the line. Tough decision! But giving them to Abby made it a wee bit easier. I know she'll come up with the very best possible creative uses. And she already has with the card she made me. What comes around goes around or something like that.

I was also Bon Voyaged by my good pal, Carol at Panera last Friday. She treated me to a tasty tuna salad sandwich on wheat plus a few other little presents as well. She listened to me as I explained I was unsure about moving from point a (Loganville, GA) to point b (Decatur, GA) even though I'm happy I'm here now.

A shout-out here also to Peeblet in New Hampshire who also understands that my life is in transition and has supported me along the way. She's been emailing me for weeks asking me "how's the move coming, are you excited to move, how's the new place, take pictures..." My Yankee pen pal has been here in spirit and I wish she could come visit. I know she would love this place and all that it has to offer.

Of course, this blog would not be complete without mentioning another woman in my life who is essential. My mom. Another true friend through and through. I really wish she would come visit me and help me plant flowers and herbs in the yard with her gorgeous green thumb. I know she'd love it here, too.

So, as I end this Monday blog post for PINK day, I can only say, what makes it pink is not the really cute hot pink bag with the fun surprises Kelly brought me today. Nor the pink note pad and pen, etc. from Carol. It's how lucky I feel to have these amazing women I can call 'friend."

They've helped me make a change in my life to a new place with new adventures to come. And for that, I'm forever grateful and...tickled pink.

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