Saturday, March 13, 2010

Chloe Pink salutes Georgia O'Keefe for pursuing her passion

Georgia O'Keefe was considered to be the premiere female artist of the 20th century (It was a title, by the way, she wasn't too crazy about. She felt it was a put down to female artists.) As a matter of fact, it's said that O'Keefe was one of few Americans - man or woman - who had an impact on European art.

She said, "to create one's own world in any of the arts, takes courage."
When O'Keefe began painting giant flowers, her work was revolutionary. And it continues to inspire many today.

But if you think that daring female artists are in short supply, think again! I've seen an abundance of creative risk takers lately. Yes. Girls aged five to seven. Artistes in my All Mixed Up Art Class.

It's amazing to simply watch the joy these girls get from creating a drawing or coloring it in with a pencil or magic marker.

I issued each of them a sketchbook and encourage them to sketch whenever their schedule allows. One student informed me she'd have lots of time on a flight she was taking for an upcoming family trip. That's the way us artists have to think! Every Thursday, the girls rush through the front door sketchbooks in hand. They literally run up and start flipping through their books to show me their drawings--sometimes 3 or 4 girls at the same time.

This is the exuberance of being an artist these young girls feel. They don't question if their art is good or if it's the right subject matter. (Actually, I think it's all good.) Or if the other girl's art is better. (Maybe it is, but so what? Next week, there's will be better.) They simply love their art and want to show it off. This attitude is something I hope more girls can experience--a sheer passion for creating and pursuing something that makes you happy. In this case, art. It's really that simple. It's also what I hope girls of all ages - teenagers, college students, moms, career women, grandmoms, empty nesters - can give some thought to as well. Chances are they won't reach the acclaim that Georgia O'Keefe did. But they can certainly enjoy the process of painting as much as she did. That is truly possible!

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