Thursday, October 29, 2009

A hair raising issue

Yup. Pretty sure this cartoon sums up my thoughts about (my) hair. However, the issue is so vast, so important, so incredibly personal to women and girls throughout the land...I'd really like to get your thoughts about your hair. Do you like your hair? How do you wear it? In a ponytail? A pixie? A bouffant? (Probably not. I just wanted to say that word, "bouffant." It sounds so french, so girly.) Anyways, back to the subject. What color is it? Blonde? Real or bottle? Red? Brown? White or silver? Thick or thin? Is it as coarse as horse fur or as wispy thin as a baby chick's first feather? What does your hair say about you? Punk rocker? Biz woman? Jr. Leaguer? Cindy Brady? And do you even care? How many good hair days a week do you have? What's your biggest hair nightmare? And what was your best hairdo ever? How much time do you spend taking care of your hair? What do other people say about your hair? I think it's time we untangle these mysteries of the tresses once and for all. Don't you?

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  1. Isn't it funny how we're never happy with our hair? I actually love my hair. After I had my spinal cord injury, which was at the C4 level and an injury to my brain stem so it was a neurological event, my scalp changed. That changed my hair texture. My hair used to be thick and coarse (before the injury). Now it's a little thinner and CURLY!! Unfortuntely, I also went gray prematurely. Oh well. I'm not ashamed to admit that I dye my hair now - only because the gray isn't silvery enough to be pretty. Oh all right, I'll admit it. I'm not ready to go gray. There. I said it. :)


  2. Danine:
    So happy to hear you love your hair. Yay!!! Self confidence! You go. And to hear you found a positive out of a neurological injury. Wow. Even more impressive. What an inspiration you are to me. I shall try to not complain about my own hair frustrations ever again.


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