Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thinking about pink. And other major life decisions.

The Chloe Pink Studio interior design project has begun. Last weekend, I came across an old french desk and chair at Alley's Attic. And hired someone to "shabby chic" it. That was easy. Now, the real work begins: finding the right shade of pink to paint CP's studio walls. With so many pinks from corals to candies to hot and french pinks, it's not as easy as you think. I want a room that makes a design statement, but it needs to be a conducive work space as well. I want "pink" to motivate, not distract me from bringing Pete & Chloe to life! Underlying this whole decision is, well, my problem in making decisions. I think it's partly a female characteristic to aim for perfectionism and overthink things. Often, that makes for a good outcome. But other times, it's kept me from moving forward in life. Sometimes the details become all too important and I can lose focus of the big picture. Does that ever happen to you. Have you ever waited too long to make a decision when you could've been making progress towards a goal? How many trips to the paint store would you make to get just the right pink? I've made 3 so far.

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